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  • Hey Guys, I'm working on my 4th app/site built with FuelPHP. I've developed some "coding habits" at this point, and I wanted to share the best of them. As I've been working on this project this evening, I've also been moving some of the base components into a starter app. My hope is that this will turn into a starting point that will even further reduce the work I have to do when using this great framework, in addition to perhaps providing some of the newer users some insight on best practices. So far... - Inheritance structure set up (So, for example, the home page would extend sell_base, which extends base, which extends Controller_Template)
    - HTML5 Boilerplate integration (just the HTML, CSS and JS, but I'll eventually tackle the build script as well)
    - Template broken up into multiple pieces (template, header, footer, head, meta, js_head, css, js_bot, etc.) I'll be adding some packages I commonly use too. If anyone else has some tips or tricks, or common things they do across each project they'd like to share, by all means fork the repo and send a pull request. Here it is: Feedback is welcome and appreciated.
  • Thats brilliant! thanks calvin.
  • Sorry I'm a bit of a newbie at FuelPHP (and frameworks in general....) I've followed through After I download your starter app (which I extracted to www/test) I notice there's nothing in /test/fuel/core, is there a simple way to get the latest core in here using 'oil'? I just copied files into here from my other project, just unsure what the common practice is? In config/routes.php you have:
    '_root_' => 'home/index', // The default route Do you need the /index? In the example I followed before it was omitted. Regardless anyway when I try and visit [url=http://localhost/test/public/index.php/home,]http://localhost/test/public/index.php/home,[/url] I just get the: "The page you are looking for cannot be found." message. Sorry I'm very new to this, any help?
  • Very nice, thanks!

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