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Crumbpath / Breadcrumbs
  • Hello, i thought let give a try at FuelPHP :)
    So i created a crumbpath / breadcrumbs package for you guys. It is a simple package but i see alot of site's that misses
    this functionality. Hopefull it stimulates developers to implement a breadcrumb to there site. The package: It is very easy to use
    Add item to collection
    \Crumbpath::add_item('Lorem', 'lorem');
    title, url Cast crumbpath to html
    \Crumbpath\Crumbpath::to_html(); Set custom view
    I also got a question, is there a method to get the base / default url of the site installation? Enjoy, and thanks in advance for your answers.
  • echo \Config::get('base_url'):
  • Harro Verton wrote on Tuesday 4th of October 2011:
    echo \Config::get('base_url'):

    Super! Thanks! Updated repository. What you think about the package? any tips about my php usage?
  • In your view, the "Home" link has no href, so it links to the current page, not the homepage. And I think you should not hardcode this, some may not want a home link, or don't speak English and use something else than "Home".
  • I was thinking to add this by config settings. So you set your own values as home link. Now it is possbile to use a custom view where u can change this ofc.

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