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Automatic data grid generation from ORM object - display data EASILY
  • Hi all, update on the progress thus far. Both Kohana ORM and Native ORM drivers are supported (usage guide coming soon). Massactions are supported as well as multiple renderers (to manipulate how raw data is displayed). The grid uses ajax to update it's content. I've not built in support for relationships between joins etc yet but i'll do that tomorrow it's easy. See for an updated screenshot. The underscores are because (for testing) i have put underscores beside values in standard text fields. There is a bug in Fuel's date class that is preventing me from building a date / date time renderer for cells (see Spark's repo is here. Please feel free to 'watch' it and once i've got it all working feel free to fork and fix any problems or request any features. Once again it's still early in dev give me a few more days to work on it. The spark package will serve as the ultimate package for anyone who is building an 'admin' system or pretty well any system on Fuel. It will have Breadcrumbs, Messages (e.g. 'you have successfully deleted this item'). and a Number class. It will also have a 'toggle' class (which will probably be renamed, for which you provide 2 views and it places one view on the back and one on the front, and when you press a button it flips the screen over showing the back (like settings in the weather app on an iPhone). It allows you to show 2 views at once without taking up too much room (especially if the second view isn't used too much). I love feedback or feature requests so please do let me know if there is anything that you can think of that I haven't
  • Thanks Ben- it is very much appreciated. I'm currently using Yii; Yii's datagrid is not feature rich. You should take a look at this amazing open source grid I found by accident on Youtube- OpenJS Grid OpenJS Grid Youtube Channel: Truly amazing piece of work. Perhaps you can add some features such as in-place editing and thumbnail support. Kind regards,

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