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Changing password without confirm old password
  • Hi, all. Help me please, with simpleauth. I need to change user password without confirm old password but default method Auth_Login_SimpleAuth::update_user() needs to confirm changing by old password. Any ways to avoid the problem?
  • Hi Jelmer, Can I request that you give a sample code (from the view then controller) on how to update the user information using SimpleAuth? I can't seem to find any example from the docs. Thanks! -Arnold
  • Look at our Depot repository. The users module has a profile update controller so user can update things like name, password and other settings, which uses SimpleAuth.
  • Extend the class and add an extra method to it that allows you to do that?
  • Yeah, that is right way, but maybe there is a ready solution which I missed somewhere.
  • There's 2 ways build in as of 1.1:
    - the normal way with including the old password
    - "reset" the password to a random 8 character string and get that returned
  • I am sorry - I am not smart enough to find the Depot Repository and I would truly appreciate it if you guys weren't so vague in your responses. Sharing a little code goes an incredibly long way in helping.

    I need to write a reset password page and would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction - I am sure there has been a number of them written.
  • There is an example of an Auth controller in the docs, including registration and password recovery.


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