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Models not being auto loaded?
  • Hi There, Got a silly question, i hope!!!, we've got a development environment locally that's working perfectly, and we've deployed this to a server setup with the required version, everything other than ORM models seems to be working, when we access a controller with no Models it works fine, when we try to access a controller that has a Model we get the following error, locally they've always been auto loaded, am i missing something?:
    ErrorException [ Error ]: Class 'Model_User' not found

    I've double checked that the files online and locally are the same and that the User.php file exists in the models folder, with the class name of Model_User Thanks for all your help Matt
  • Developing on Windows, deploying on linux? As per the coding standards, file names HAVE to be in lower case. See
  • MAC OS X then deploying to Linux... but yea that worked, i'm sure the examples i seen had Uppercase file names for models i did wonder what the hell that was about lol!!!
  • Like to know where you saw that, so we can fix it...

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