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Service Locator
  • Code : SL, aka service locator, which enables you to get rid of the dependencies in your code when necessary in many places to change the code in the future. For example now you are using a class of obtaining certain data, and then will need to change it to another, but not removing old, wherever you use it will have to modify the code, it also helps you get rid of a tight dependence in the code. To set the configuration to fit in bootstrap.php
    A_SL:: setConfiguration (array (
    'request' => 'My_Request'
    )); in the end to get the instance of the class rather A_SL:: instance () -> getRequest (), and no matter how you rename the file, (the name of the class, not an alias, you still will not have to change the name of a class of 30 other files but just make sure that My_Request will have the same methods

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