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Sentry + Ninjauth together?
  • Hi folks, Has anyone tried using Sentry and Ninjauth together yet? I'm thinking of trying it. It seems like all you would need to do is to go into Ninjauth's controller.php and strategy.php and change the Auth calls to Sentry equivalents. There is no Sentry equivalent of SimpleAuth's force_login, though, which Ninjauth relies on. On a related subject, I'm considering whether users should have to create passwords if they create their account through Ninjauth's social login. By default, they do. Yet I could allow them to create an account merely after social login, and then let them create a password later, if they want to. Or would that be a security issue?
  • Moving this topic, both Sentry and Ninjauth are third party packages, not related to Auth.
  • I wrote an adapter that lets NinjAuth be used with \Auth or Sentry. Pull request:
    Repo: Feedback is welcome. Note: to get NinjAuth working with Facebook and offline_access, it will be necessary for the secret field in the authentications to be allowed to be null.

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