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Extend Oil package
  • Hi,
    Can I extend the oil package with my own classes? Thanks,
  • Best way to add functionality to oil is to write tasks, and call them using 'oil refine taskname'.
  • Actually I wanted to extend the refine class to remove the Cli class from there to use with cPanel.
  • Wouldn't it be better to find out what the issue is with cli and cPanel, and fix that, instead of working around it?
  • Yes, you are right, but I can only give the params, so I can't do too much on cPanel and I also asked the hosting company and they said nothing that could solve the problem. As a temporary solution I modified the refine and the command classes, so that it can be used, but I know it is not a solution, but I don't know how it could be solved. Thanks,
  • What is the exact error that you get? If you don't have the Cli class, you don't have commandline argument parsing and processing, which makes oil rather useless.
  • The exact error: I think the cli class is still functioning, I only removed the output methods, and now it is working.
  • Which means there is no input device present. Issue with cPanel is that "cron" isn't "cron", it's a PHP script that emulates it's functionality, and allow to you call php files. So it's not launched from a *nix shell, and therefore there is no input device. I would like to suggest creating a bug report for this at
  • I have already done that. :)
    Issue number: #107

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