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Advantages and disadvantages between lazy and forced rendering
  • In my quest to understand how FuelPHP works (and being new to frameworks, MVC etc) I have finally found time to start delving into the documentation. Now I first learnt HTML back in the mid-90s, when designers liked using frames for layout purposes and JavaScript and CSS were mere thoughts in the minds of some radical developers and I've not really moved on too much from there, although I do have a grasp of the latter 2 and a very minute knowledge of PHP and MySQL. So as you can see, I have some catching up to do now that I'm trying to get back into this world of Internet development! I would really appreciate it if somebody could explain what are the pros and cons between forced and lazy rendering as described in the view documentation? Also, could you provide a couple of basic examples explaining when it would be best to implement each type and why this is so? Thank you. n.b. This might not be the best place for this question so feel free to move it if necessary.

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