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Example of a model using Model_Crud
  • I'm really new to oop, and for whatever reason figured I might as well start learning with FuelPHP (I like the idea of the HMVC). My issue is I'm not exactly sure of what to include in a single model as of yet. I was hoping there might be a tutorial (or even just an example) of a complete model with crud functionality that I could learn from. Since there's already a lot of built in functionality with the model_crud class it'd be great to see an example with that. I looked through the documentation; however, it seems to be missing a lot of context that I either don't know yet, or am just not comprehending what it's saying. Anyone have an example they could share? I tried using the search thing, but the color scheme of the website makes it difficult for me to read everything. Thanks!
  • The quickest way to get something is to generate it using oil. The process is documented here: Oil can also generate an admin section for you, so you'll have a complete crud environment on the users table. That page also gives you some examples that you could use as a start. You can also check out, there are some nice screencasts available, including the infamous "how to build a blog in 20 minutes"... And check out this post:

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