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cannot catch exception when running task with oil
  • Hoping I'm just doing something wrong or there's an easy fix for this! I've got a task called coords which retrieves lat/lng coordinates for addresses and saves them in my db. Ultimately the task will be run through cron every 5 minutes to fill in any blank lat/lng fields as users create accounts and enter their addresses. The coords task makes use of a Model_Maps, which has a function called retrieve_lat_lng. In that function, an exception is thrown if the response status from the google maps api is not OK. That's the background. The problem is that when I run the coords task using oil and an exception is throw in retrieve_lat_lng, I get an error output to the command line and execution stops completely. I'm calling retrieve_lat_lng in a proper try/catch block, but I am unable to catch it because execution stops at the "throw new Exception" line in the maps model. When I copy the code from the coords task into a function in a controller and run it through a browser, it works perfectly. Is there a better way to handle exceptions when using oil? I need my maps model to work with both oil/tasks as well as my models and controllers. Thanks for any help! Much appreciated!
  • I did a little digging around in the oil package and found the following commented out in oil/classes/exception :
    // public function __toString()
    // {
    //   \Cli::write('Error: ' . $this->message);
    // }

    Curious! I uncommented it for kicks, but it didn't make a difference in the behavior I'm seeing. The command line error I'm getting is formatted something like this: Error - $this->message in FILE on LINE So I tried grepping through the oil package and the core to find a line that does something like that, but no luck... Any help is much appreciated! Thanks! :)
  • Just made a test task:
    namespace Fuel\Tasks;
    class Test
     public static function run()
       throw new \Exception("test");
      catch (\Exception $e)
       echo "Exception caught!";
    and this catches the exception just fine? When I replace the 'throw' by a call to an application class that I know throws an exception ( for example Cache::get('doesnexist'); ) it still works fine? Are you using an old version of FuelPHP, or perhaps of the oil package?
  • Oh my god, I'm an idiot. Sorry everyone! Keith's suggestion did actually fix the issue. After reading his reply, I prepended the backslash to the throw \Exception statement in the model. And like I said that did nothing. But I needed to prepend the backslash to the catch \Exception statement in the task... Duh. Obviously... Thanks for the help guys! Gonna go wipe the egg off of my face now... :)
  • Your Exception is probably in a different scope/namespace. Make sure you prepend a \ like \Exception.
  • Thanks the reply Keith! I tried prepending the \, but no luck - same issue. In case it helps, the line that throws the exception is the following: [line number 123] if ( $response->status != 'OK' )
    [line number 124] throw new \Exception( $response->status ); And at the command line when I run the task : $ php oil refine coords neighborhood
    Error - OVER_QUERY_LIMIT in APPPATH/classes/model/maps.php on line 124 Execution stops when the error is thrown.

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