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ORM model not working?
  • Hi guys, When I try the example from the docs regarding the ORM package, I get the following error: ErrorException [ 4096 ]: Argument 1 passed to Orm\Model::__construct() must be an array, none given My code is as simple as: $new = new Model_Article();
    $new->name = 'something';
    $new->save(); With this code in app/classes/model/article.php (copied straight from the docs) class Model_Article extends Orm\Model {}
  • This something that needs to be looked at. For the moment, just pass array() as parameter to work around this issue.
  • Apprently I didn't test it using new without input - the factory does accept it without args. It used to have a private constructor but after a rewrite there was no longer need to have the constructor inaccessible so shortly before RC1 release I made it public.
    $new = Model_Article::factory();

    Edit: btw if you get errors from documented use it should go directly into the bugtracker:
  • So "$new = Model_Article::factory();" is the recommended way of instantiating? Or is the 'bug' going to be fixed in a later version? Or is either method good?
  • Maybe this should have given a clue whether I consider this a something that needs fixing:
    Apprently I didn't test it using new without input

    Will be fixed by next release (RC2 or final) and in about 5 minutes in the repo. There's no prefered way, as with creating Views the factory is there for convenience.

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