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Models with multiple names
  • How do you generate a model with multiple names without creating a sub directory? The following: oil g model test_test name:string Creates: Creating model: /web/dev/fuel/app/classes/model/test/test.php
    Creating migration: /web/dev/fuel/app/migrations/010_create_test_tests.php But I want to create: Creating model: /web/dev/fuel/app/classes/model/test_test.php
    Creating migration: /web/dev/fuel/app/migrations/010_create_test_tests.php
  • You can not use an underscore in a FuelPHP class filename. The autoloader will not be able to load the class if you do, so why should oil support that?
  • So which naming convention should be used for a model with multiple words?
  • The FuelPHP Coding Standards ( has the following sentence: "The use of camelcase is discouraged but cannot be prevented in some cases when putting the class in a subdirectory makes no sense." It seems to accept the possibility that camel case maybe used in some cases, but I cannot believe that a class name with multiple words is such a fringe scenario. Rich
  • It is PascalCase that should be used in these situations, though oil does not recognise uppercase.

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