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Having problem with ORM
  • Hi Guys! Can someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong here? I'm getting this error message:
    Fuel\Core\Database_Exception [ 1054 ]: Unknown column '' in 'field list' [ SELECT COUNT( AS count_result FROM `users` AS `t0` WHERE `t0`.`username` = 'wwwe' ] /classes/model/user.php
    class Model_User extends \Orm\Model {
        protected static $_primary_key = array('user_id');
        protected static $_properties = array('user_id', 'username');

    Class Controller_Users extends \Controller_Base_Public {
        public function before() {
       public function action_check() {
            $query = Model_User::find()->where('username', 'wwwe');
            $total = $query->count();
            echo $total;

    Also, when using controller_template how do i echo something to the browser without the template files? Basically I want to call a method with ajax call within controller_template like:
    public function ajax_check(){
    echo 1;

    It complains about variables not defined in defined in the template file. Please help. Thanks
  • If you're not using the template the Controller_Template might not be the best option, but if you do need to switch off the auto rendering that's possible. After the following code the template won't be rendered anymore:
    $this->auto_render = false;
    Any output should not be echo'ed though, add it to $this->response->body from your controller. I also think I know what causes your Orm problem, for now this will probably solve it:
    Can you make a bugreport out of it on Github?
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