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Lstat failed errors
  • Hi,
    I am seeing a handful of 'Lstat failed' errors per day on our production server running fuel 1.2:
    for example: ERROR [6290] 2012-09-27 05:15:32,395 file:/var/www/html/fuel/core/base.php line:47 - name_dev=d1a8fbbdbe9e0fa6 - fuel.php core: 2 - filetype(): Lstat failed for /var/lib/fuel/fuelfid_7089ef7c459a251c1ebb9497b17006b3 in /var/www/html/fuel/core/classes/session/file.php on line 180 Any idea what might cause this?
    There is nothing special about our setup as far as I know, just using the file Session driver.
    This is a pretty uncommon error, but i am wondering why it's happening and what the impact would be for our users (session loss?). Laurent
  • It happens in the garbage collection routine. At random intervals that kicks in, loops over all files in the session file directory, and deletes all files that are expired. Do you have something else running that cleans up session files? You get this error if the file checked no longer exists. You also get this error if the lstat() call fails due to permission issues. So since it's about expired session files, and as this happens in a shutdown event, all output has already been send to the browser, and all code has been executed. So it shouldn't impact your application. But I sure would like to know the cause of it.

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