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need help in installation/deployment: error throw new \Database_Exception('No MySQLi Connection', 0)
  • when i try to run my fuelphp app at bluehost, i get this error. i am connected to a mysql server which is also in bluehost.
  • i like to add that when i tried accessing a simple php page in my app that has a connection test to the server using php mysqli, it seems to work and returns the host_info. both the connection settings in php mysqli and fuelphp db connection config points to the same server trying to access the same database using the same user name and password.
  • You've configured the db.php config file in the correct environment directory? If you haven't set an environment, FuelPHP will default to 'development', so you need to configure app/config/development/db.php. If you have used the global file app/config/db.php you have to remove the development versions, as they get merged when loaded, which will cause your config to be overwritten by de defaults in the development config.
  • thanks for youer reply Harro, yes i believe so. or maybe i may have a mistake. anyway, the only way i was able to make my site work in the bluehost, i used the driver 'mysql' instead of the one that i am using locally which is 'mysqli'. Im not sure though what would be the performance difference between the connection settings that i used.
  • I'm not sure there is any performance impact. mysql is based on old driver technology, and deprecated by PHP. So we default on mysqli. Also if you are using PDO, you will use the underlying mysqli driver. Looks like your host has a crappy PHP install...

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