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Migration issues on Pagoda Box - failing to save to fuel/app/config/production/
  • Hi all,
    I am running into the following issue when trying to call migrate in a after_deploy hook: Error - Invalid basepath: "/var/www/fuel/app/config/production/", cannot update a file at this location. in COREPATH/classes/file.php on line 314 I have tried adding the config directory to the writable dirs in my Boxfile, but then it fails to any config settings.
    I'd be thrilled if anyone has got a solution. Thanks, David Boxfile
    - /fuel/app/cache
    - /fuel/app/logs
    - /fuel/app/tmp
    - "php oil refine recreate_db"
    - "php oil refine migrate"
    - "php oil refine install_core_db"
    - "php oil refine install_test_data"
    document_root: /
  • Sorry, no experience with Pagodabox + FuelPHP. Some with other apps, and I can't say very positive. We as a team are moving away from it, too much hassle and too expensive.
  • Thanks Harro for the reply, if you get a chance, please elaborate on your experience with Pagoda, besides the cost factor. I figured my issue out, so if anyone else has this issue follow the simple guide below. Add "- /fuel/app/config/production" to your shared_writable_dirs in your Boxfile, deploy your code.
    The shared directory will be created, enable SSH access to your shared dirs using the Pagoda guide and then manually copy in your production config files. This is required because Pagoda doesn't copy over existing files from your repo into the newly created shared config directory.
  • I don't run any FuelPHP apps on Pagodabox, so I can't elaborate on that. But we currently run this website, and the other project websites, on pagodabox. Technically that works, but not without availability issues. In part that's probably because of the low instance and memory settings, but if we raise those the monthly bill will go up from high to rediculous. A VPS in a fully managed service costs half of what we currently pay PagodaBox, so my main issue is that it's absolutely no value for money.
  • Thanks, last question, can you comment on the setup you have for hosting this site? I am looking at a 2 web instance (200MB ram), 1 db instance (200MB ram), and possibly a cache instance (20-200MB ram) for a site that essentially needs to handle at least 4 requests a second. I was considering a managed VPS, but this project may need to scale vastly and I am not big on server admin.
  • This site runs on the same, a 2 web 200Mb instance and 1 DB instance, 200Mb. Bill fluctuates between 0$ and 120$ per month, which I find rediculous. And the big plus of "managed" is that you don't have to. The hosting company will be responsible for running the VPS, maintaining the OS, monitoring and security, backups, etc. All you have to do is that application part, which you have to do anyway.
  • Yeah I hear you on the Managed VPS option. I don't understand how your bill can go up to $120, according to their pricing tool your bill should max out at $49 a month, unless you have auto scaling on or are manually scaling for time periods?
  • It has been scaled down now and some services already moved away, because of that bill.
    But that has had quite an impact on the performance of the site. We're moving out completely in the next couple of days.

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