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  • Hi guys, I've worked with FuelPHP for a years and I receive a lot of help from Harro and some other guys.
    I think it is my turn to help you, so I want to create a topic where everyone can ask for a tutorial in a specific argument, I'll do my best to help you with some examples and article.

    So let it begins: what tutorial do you need? What is your FuelPHP-argument nemesis? 
  • Separation of front & back end would be good. 
  • Ok, I've done it for a project, I'll try to write something when I have enough time.
    Thanks for asking!
  • Thank you ilNotturno for you help.

    The first subject proposed by RokSiEu seems to be a good start.

    I could also propose something around i18n, if that subject is ok for you.
  • Yes, no problem. I've used it for a project that involves different timezone, so it is ok.

    But I've to work during the week, I'll try to write something on the evening or on the weekend :)
  • Hi guys,
    I've created an article to divide the FE and the BE of an application. You can fin it at this link:

    The site is italian (I'm changing it in english), but the article is in english.
    This is my first tutorial ,so let me know if it is good, if there are some mistakes or if you need some different info.

    Enjoy it!
  • Thanks.

    It seems quite clear explanations to me. Let RokSiEu say if it's what it was expecting.

    Thanks again for your time.
  • ilNotturno,

    When you're done, send a pull request on the tutorials page in the docs to include your tutorials. Then they'll be easy to find.
  • iLNotturno it's easy and understandable tutorial! This what every tutorial should look like. 

    Also if you don't mind I would ask for part 2 of it (its your fault cause you made the first one so good) :) 

    Few suggestions now that we have BE & FE separated 

    1. User authentication (maybe user management (edit,delete,add) .

    2. Site management (add,edit,delete) static pages

    3. "Theming" best way of using themes (working with ajax, form builder etc) 

    1. and 2. are meant for showing how things can work with packages (and models), because you can simply delete/include the files and you get wishing functionality. 

    If I may suggest to use something simple as jquery mobile or jquery UI for templates (this are well known and easy to use) . 

    I don't know if it's useful to let users download the code, but if you want I can give you hosting for zip/rar files. 

  • Hi RokSiEu, glad to hear that you appreciate it :)

    About the other tutorial: yeah, I'm thinking about writing a tutorial every week. I would like to release some code with it on GitHub (so at the end everyone has its private admin section), but my admin section used a copyrighted template, so I can't release it as opensource at the moment.

    I've a sked to an awesome designer if I can use his template, I'm waiting his response.

    Give me some time and I'll do all :)
  • ilNotturnoyou can look in the subject , Harro helped a little, but could you something tell? I'm just starting to learn php and fuelphp on this, the questions are stupid:)
  • Hi DiezZ, I will write the tutorial following this list:
    1. i18n
    2. user authentication
    3. static page management
    4. add CKEditor (and some plugin) to the BE functionality
    5. theming
    6. upload images and create thumbnail
    There are many voices, so please be patient :-)
  • Of course I'll wait, thanks for the quick reply
  • Thank you iNotturno ;) Do you tweet? 
  • Yeah, my nickname is "marcopax":
  • Hi guys, I've written the tutorial Gonab asked for: "FuelPHP: i18n, internationalization of a web application"

    Hope you will enjoy it, let me know if there is something wrong :-]

    The list updated:

    1. Separation between Back-end and Front-end
    2. i18n, internationalization of a web application
    3. user authentication
    4. static page management
    5. add CKEditor (and some plugin) to the BE functionality
    6. theming
    7. upload images and create thumbnail

    I don't know if I'll follow this list, perhaps the next one will be "7: upload images and create thumbnail" (I'm creating a gallery application right now).

  • Thanks, ilNotturno. It seems pretty clear to me at first read.

    Thanks again for your time with these tutorials.
  • You are welcome :-]
  • Great! Following already :) 

    Looking forward! 

  • Why not write a book?
  • I suggest you wait with that until 2.0 comes out, as it will be quite different from 1.x.
  • Many time without a tutorial, but I had some work to finish:
     - A blog application for FuelPHP
     - A RSS module
     - A minimal new interface for my blog (I love it now!)

    I've decided to end what I decided to do some weeks ago, so I'll try to respect this end dates:

    The list updated:
    1. Separation between Back-end and Front-end
    2. i18n, internationalization of a web application
    3. user authentication (on 28/03)
    4. static page management (on 14/02)
    5. add CKEditor (and some plugin) to the BE functionality (on 21/02)
    6. theming (on 14/03)
    7. upload images and create thumbnail (on 28/02)
     See you next week ;-)
  • Thx again ilNotturno for your work.
  • Hi guys, I've written the tutorial about the static page management, you can find it here: FuelPHP: static page management

    I've created a repo on GitHub also, so you can try the code during the reading.
    Hope you'll enjoy it!

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