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Issues with unit test(Phpunit)
  • Hi,
    I have some issues with phpunit!
    I install successfully phpunit in windows!
    When I do in commande line  "oil test", I get this message "PHPUnit does not appear to be install"
    How I can configure phpunit for fuelphp?
    Thank for some help!

  • Create an app/config/oil.php config file, and add

    return array(
        'phpunit' => array(
            'autoload_path' => 'you-phpunit-autoloader-here',

    specifying the location of the PHPunit autoloader. (default that's "PHPUnit/Autoload.php").
  • thank you Harro!Now it work!
    I have another issues!
    How can I test my controllers?
    I got only tutoriel for model!
    Thanks for some helps!
  • Can't help you with that, I haven't written any tests for controllers yet. Maybe someone else?
  • Take a look at Behat, A behaviour driven development tool which is particularly well suited for testing the behaviour of your app so your controllers/views, using Selenium, for example.

    I will set it up and keep you posted on this.

    If you really want to test your controllers with PHPUnit I can't help you on this, and I don't think that it is the best tool to do that.


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