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Module : problem with default view path using Twig
  • so im have a module ( in folder  modules ) , and when Im using the regular view file ( .php ) it was founded by View class and all is ok, But when im using Twig , it cant be founded, because it was loked in main view folder ( not in view folder of module ) . I understand thet i need to register with \Twig_Loader_Filesystem - but how ?! ( and also add a NAMESPACE for twig template pathes

  • So, in a module controller you have something like View::forge('viewname'), and that works, and when you change it to View::forge('viewname.twig') it no longer does?

    Which version of Fuel, and which version of Twig? I understand that for the latest version of Twig changes are needed to the Parser classes, which have been added to 1.6/develop.

    Maybe you should swap your package for the 1.6/develop one, and see if that helps?

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