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'like' keyword
  • Hi, I'm trying to create a simple search function using the following code:
    $characters = Model_Character::find()->where('character_name', 'like', $keyword)->order_by('character_name', 'asc')->get();

    The 'like' only works if I enter a full name, but not when entering a part of the name. Any ideas why? Also is there a way to debug the query only?
    I tried doing

    but as expected it just gives me the result of the query in array form.
  • You have to tell SQL on which site you allow additional characters.
    ->where('field', 'like', '%allow left')
    ->where('field', 'like', 'allow right%')
    ->where('field', 'like', '%allow on both')

    More info:
  • Ooh totally forgot, I just looked at one of your examples and thought it would be implemented thanks, works

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