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Oil, Tasks and Environments
  • Hi everyone I've set up the environment to production via the .htaccess. However, I noticed that when I run a task thru OIL, it wouldn't recognize my environment. Only way to do it is to change the environment on bootstrap.php, but of course, that will be a hassle and defeats the purpose of our config files. Any work around on this one? Thanks for the help! Arnold
  • You can start oil using '--env production' and run it of the production environment.
  • Thanks, WanWizard. Will try.
  • Harro, is the recommended way to do this now 'FUEL_ENV=production php oil refine sometask'?
  • Yes.

    Because when you use a commandline argument, some environment specific things (like for example config) will be already loaded before Oil can check them and change the environment.

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