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How to get get the sql out put ?
  • I am using following line of code to get some data from database

      $mymembership = Model_Membership::find()->where( array( array("service_id","=", $id)),array("user_id","=",Arr::get($auth->get_user_id(), 1)))->related(array('type'))->get();;

    How can I see the sql stament generated from above code? Because I need to run the run the sql stamement in phpmyadmin to test some outputs (Not for this)
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    You can try DB::last_query(), but with ORM you're never sure what the last query was.

    If that doesn't work, enable the profiler in your app/config/config.php, and enable DB profiling in your db.php. The profiler will show all queries executed, with a query analysis (if on MySQL) and execution time info.
  • Thank you for the help. It worked for me
  • To get the query for a specific Model simpy use query() (instead of find()) and then
    echo $mymembership->get_query()->compile();

    PS: Not sure, but you can even try with the find method and then simply call get_query()->compile
  • find() returns the result of a get() or get_one() operation, so it executes the query directly, there is no option to get the intermediate SQL before execution.

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