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New `as_object()` behavior in 1.8?
  • With ORM 1.7/master, passing an ORM model to the DB as_object method would put columns that are not properties of the model in the _custom_data array.
    Since updating to 1.8/develop, those extra columns just disappear. Any idea how this can be fixed?
  • This is not a model that has an EAV container defined? Because EAV and custom data are mutually exclusive.

    If not, it is a bug that was introduced when rewriting the constructor. If so, please create an issue for it at so it can be looked at.

    Although I can't immediately see where it could go wrong, it still adds everything in the $data array that is not a property to the custom_data array.
  • No EAV container. Created an issue.
    Thank you for your help.

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