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Installing Fuel 1.x using Composer only
  • For a while now my Fuel setup has a mix of git submodules and composer deps. I'm wondering if Fuel 1.7 (or even 1.8) can handle being installed solely using Composer.

    I just tried a composer.json that looks like 

    "require-dev": {
    "fuel/fuel": "dev-1.8/develop",
    "fuel/docs": "1.7.2",
    "fuel/core": "1.7.2",
    "fuel/auth": "1.7.2",
    "fuel/email": "1.7.2",
    "fuel/oil": "1.7.2",
    "fuel/orm": "1.7.2",
    "fuel/parser": "1.7.2",
    "fuelphp/upload": "2.0.1",
    "monolog/monolog": "1.5.*",
    "michelf/php-markdown": "1.4.0"

    This throws a bunch of errors. It looks like fuel/* packages don't exist anymore? On packagist this is what I see for fuel/fuel

    So I have a couple questions.

    1. Which is the right vendor name? fuel or fuelphp? Is one for 1.x and the other for 2.x?
    2. Is there an example composer.json for getting a Fuel 1.7/1.8 project going? The zip file on the homepage gives you the framework but the core and packages are just in there which I guess git would track? Why would I track these?

    Thanks so much!
  • Corrently you can only install 1.8/develop through composer, using
    composer create-project fuel/fuel:dev-1.8/develop --prefer-source
    You can install a master version through composer as of 1.7.2, which is due to be released.

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