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Is there any library or package to fork a process on FuelPHP?
  • Hi,

    I looked at documentation, but, nothing found.

    So, possibly am I have to fork myself?

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Not that I am aware of. 

    There is a package for background processing using a job queue, but that is probably more than you need.

    But perhaps a composer package exists, Fuel is compatibile with any generic composer package.
  • Oh! That is right.

    What I need is I want to make multiple http get requests in parallel because of too much wait time.

    Possibly, I should look for something like light weight library.

    I will take a look composer packages.


  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    This one seems to be installed a lot:
  • Thank you very much for your information.

    I will take a look.

  • I can not use the one you give to me as well as other package from packagist because of PHP version.

    So, I try  to use  curl_multi_init() to handle multiple HTTP GET requests.

    This is so sad for me....
  • What is your PHP version? Or are you running on Windows?
  • PHP 5.3.10
    I know that this is too old.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    I did a quick scan of the fork-helper code. 

    I think the main reason it requires PHP 7 is that it defines method return types and uses type hinting:

    public function wait(int $pid = null): self

    You could just make a fork of the code, and modify it, that shouldn't be too difficult:

    public function wait($pid = null)
  • Yeah, it is not that difficult.

    I may try to modify and implement it.

    Thank you :)

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