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Converting from SimpleAuth to ORMAuth
  • Hey, I just had a quick question. I originally built my login system using SimpleAuth. How big of a headache would it be to convert the user base over to OrmAuth? I haven't really seen anyone ask this or any information on making this type of switch. 

    Do you think this would be a hard conversion, and really not worth it?

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Depends a bit how wild you went with groups and roles, because you have to convert these manually.

    The easiest is probably to make a copy of your users table, revert all Auth migrations (which should delete your users table), then change your app config from simpleauth to ormauth, and run all migrations again.

    This would create all Ormauth tables, with a users table with an admin user.

    As for users, you can use and further as a guideline on how to convert it.

    You may also have to look at group id's, in case they differ from the ones you have used in Simpleauth.
  • As always, thanks @Harro

    It doesn't look too difficult. Thanks for the pointers! One more question to go along with the conversion. I haven't dug too deep into the code for this yet. But, would all the users have to change their passwords to go along with the change? Or would I just have to make sure that the iterations match?
  • No. 

    The hash mechanism for both is the same, so indeed, as long as the config is identical, it should be fine.
  • Sweet. Thank you!

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