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Shutdown event issue
  • Hi,

    Since some days, i see often mysql error like that : 

    21/11/2017 14:51stderr2017-11-21T13:51:10.077302Z 58182 [Note] Aborted connection 58182 to db: 'xsc_prod' user: 'xsc_prod' host: 'XXXX' (Got timeout reading communication packets)
    21/11/2017 14:52stderr2017-11-21T13:52:38.305168Z 58591 [Note] Aborted connection 58591 to db: 'xsc_prod' user: 'xsc_prod' host: 'XXXX' (Got timeout reading communication packets)

    And i need to reboot the mysql server.

    After several searches, it would be because the application does not close the mysql connections.

    So I decided to put a log in the "connect" and "disconnect" method of the "Database_PDO_Connection" class.

    After tests, I see the log of the "connect()" method, but no trace of the disconnect() method.

    So I tried to put this line in bootstrap.php:

    \Event::register('shutdown', 'Database_Connection::disconnect');

    But still no sign of disconnect().

    Do you have any advice?
  • Finally, my fix : 

    $mysqlDisconnectEvent = function() {
    if (isset(\Database_Connection::$instances['default']))
    \Profiler::console('SHUTDOWN EVENT');

    \Event::register('shutdown', $mysqlDisconnectEvent);

    It's good ?
  • Should work. 

    But I doubt if it makes any difference, PHP closes all connections automatically on shutdown, The PDO object has a destructor that closes the connection if not already closed.

    There are a lot of possible causes for this warning. I find that gives a pretty accurate list.

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