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View from HTML not from file?
  • Hello, It's possible to only pass HTML data to view rather than forge from a file?

    View::forge('html_content', []);

    Thanks advance.
  • StagramStagram
    Accepted Answer
    Hello ham !
    To achieve this you can create a basic view and pass content in the second param.
    You want to pass html code string in quote ?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    We use an extended View class in your apps so we can use a string as a template. It writes it to a temp file in the app tmp directory, and then sets that file as view template. We do this for caching and performance reasons.

    Alternatively you can pass your HTML as data like @Stagram suggested, and echo the variable in your view. Make sure you don't disable encoding on your data, to avoid serious security issues.

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