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Task View Forge Issue
  • Hi there,
    I am having trouble with View::forge and taks.
    I have a task that calls a method in a model to send emails.
    In that model I take the data to send it to a view to create the HTML that will form the body of the email
    $EmailBody = \View::forge(alerts\emails\listing_alert',array('listings'=>$Listings));

    When I run the task from the command prompt using oil refine, it gives me an error that the view could not be found.

    So far I have figured out that the path is obviously wrong in reference to oil but when I "call" that model using the browser it works fine.

    The question is, how/where/what do I set the path so that oil will recognize or find the view.

    I have tried using APPPATH and DOCROOT but those did not make any difference.

    Thank you.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Is that an app view, or a module view? When you do the same in a controller, it can find it?
  • The view is a module view, everything (the method and the view) is in one module.
    The task calls the method directly but when i test it in a browser it works and the view is found.
    But when I test it in the browser I call the controller that calls the method in the model

    Does oil use the app views path instead of the module views? 
    If so do I just set the view forge path to point to the app views instead of the default module view?

  • Thank you for the help Harro,
    It is fixed now. I moved the view to the app views folder and tested it with oil refine and it works without any problems.

    Thank you!
    Have a great day.
  • The problem was probably that the module "view" wasn't loaded, so the View loader doesn't have a path to it it can search. When you call a controller in a module, the module is autoloaded.

    In a task, you need to use


    to make the views in that module loadable.

    Was the task in ./app/tasks, or in ./app/modules/view/tasks ?
  • The task is in ./app/tasks
    With the \Module::load('vlew'); would the view be the module or the actual core View.

    The module is loaded in the task since the model method is called in that module.
    That is why I could not figure out why the view wont load seeing as the module is loaded.

    Thank you.
  • Ok, so:
    - task in app/tasks
    - task already loaded the module
    - view in the module

    If so, you've found a bug that I'll have to look at.
  • 1- Correct: Taks is in app/tasks
    2- Correct: Module is loaded in the task
    3- Correct: The view is in the module

    Thank you.
  • And you load the view in your controller how? To load from a(nother) module, you need to use

    $EmailBody = \View::forge(alerts::emails\listing_alert',array('listings'=>$Listings));

    I don't think your original View statement worked in a controller too, it wouldn't be able to find a view path starting with 'alerts'. 
  • The alerts in the path is a folder. so the folder structure of the view is

    When I run it in the browser the action_index of the Alerts controller has Model_Alerts::processAlerts();
    Tee browser call works. So doing it through the controller works fine without any problems.

    In the task I load the module and call the same method in the model:


    That is when it does not find the ./app/modules/alerts/views/alerts/emails/listing_alert.php  view.
    But when I move that view to ./app/views/alerts/emails/listing_alert.php there is no problem.

    Thank you.
  • Ah, ok, "alerts/emails/listing_alert.php" is the full view path, I was confused with the name of the module.

    Clear, back to debugging then.
  • Ok, the situation is the following:

    For search paths, Fuel follows this list:
    - manual added paths
    - when in a module context, module paths
    - app paths
    - package paths
    - framework paths

    This means that if you load the module view in a module controller, or if you load the view from a module task, it works, because you are in "module context". 

    It doesn't work from an app controller, from another module controller (wrong context), from an app task, or from a task in another module.

    In other words, if you want to use module views in a test, this task must be in the same module. If not, you have to explicitly indicate you want to load the view from the module, by using the "module::" prefix to the view name.
  • Thank you Harro,

    I had a feeling that the issue could be related to the fact that when I run it in a browser the context is loaded for that module but when I do it from the task that is set in the main application it does not have that reference.

    I did resolve the issue though by putting the view in the app/views folder instead of the module/views folder.  Seeing as this specific method will only be called by the task it does not require the view in the modules/view folder so there is no duplication of the view itself.

    Thank you.

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