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Routes result in 404?
  • Hii guys,
    First of all, I'm new to FuelPHP (and MVC frameworks in general), so please bear with me.

    I have managed to get my default route and my 404 page to work, but now when I try to make a contact page, I get a 404 page (from the controller) no matter what.

    this is my `routes.php` at the moment:
    return array(
    '_root_'  => 'base/index',  // The default route
    '_404_'   => 'base/404',    // The main 404 route
      'contact' => array('base/contact'),

    this results in the `_404_` to be called instead whenever I try a route...
    Any clues?

    sidenote: I don't know how to make the code here format as code (I'm used to Markdown)

  • Oh man...

    Just when I hit the "Post" button I saw the issue...
    I was passing an array...
  • The forum is in desperate need of an update. On the todo list, but quite a way down. ;-)
  • hm... I see...
    Tho it could really make everything a bit smoother for us tho :p 
  • Replacing the forum is days of work.

    Only one pair of hands and limited time available I'm afraid. :-)
  • guess you can't have everything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • If you want to include code, you can use our pastebin:, and just post the link here.

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