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Making new OpAuth Strategy
  • Did anybody have experience with making new Strategy class for OpAuth providing OpenID Connection service like Keycloak?

    Possibly somebody can give me some advices or share your experience with me.
    Thank you.
  • Isn't there already an OpenID strategy available? I can remember using it in the past.
  • It's availabel, but it works in some strange way. It does not redirect to service's login form, but renders form to input "OpenID Identifier (URL)" - I don't understand what is this.

    To work with keycloak we need to set host, realm, client_id and redirect_url... and then it should redirect to service's login form and redirect back to callback_url.

    Possibly, I do not unserstand what is OpenID Connection and what is not. But on the site of keycloak project written that it use OpenID Connection protocol.

    I am already in progress creating KeycloakStrategy...
  • Yes, that  is how OpenID works, it doesn't work the same as SAML or OAuth.
  • Can anybody say to me, why 'callback_transport' is hardcoded with value 'get' in \Auth_Opauth? And how to squeeze access_token and refresh_token in query string?

    Everytime when I try to do this I get nginx error at the moment of shipping data to callback...
  • What error? URL encoding issue?
  • I did not found a place to read error message exactly related to problem... But I detect, when I add more data to $this->auth structure in my internal callback, then I got nginx error on my dev vm.
  • It happens exactly at the redirect from int_callback() to callback().

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