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error in creating controller
  • Hello , i am using linux ubuntu 11.04. when i tried to create a controller according to the docs in 1.0vrc3 ,there shows a error
    oil:command not found w
    oil g controller posts action_one
    Any help will be highly appreciated
  • thank u WanWizard,
    i figured out my mistake.
    in terminal i was using php oil -g ......... instead of /opt/lampp/bin/php oil -g .
  • You can only start 'oil' from the commandline that way if you have installed the oil helper as described in the installation instructions in the documentation. If you haven't done that, you have to use 'php oil ...', as described in the oil documentation. And you can only do that in the fuel root directory, which is where the oil.php script resides...
  • hi ,
    I have manually downloaded and installed fuelphp then i made cache,tmp and and logs folder writable as per docs . but it show the error oil command not found. Am i missing something?
  • 'oil command not found' is an error message from your operating system, telling you it can't find something it can execute with the name 'oil'. As I wrote, oil is not an executable, it's a php script. so you start it with 'php oil', from the fuel root directory (where you can find oil.php). To add this process, a linux shell script is provided that installs in /usr/bin, which allows you to start oil directly. without using php. To use that, you'll have to install the installer, as described in the installation documentation. After you have done this, you can use 'oil' on the commandline, but only if the current directory is the fuel root, since the shell script will also look for oil.php..

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