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Am I missing something with Oil?
  • Hi all, From what I have seen the Oil generate facility creates things that would be of use to developers using Orm of which I am not really one as I prefer to use \DB::stuff. Could a switch be added called something like "native" to generate \DB::stuff type code or preferably the other way round and have a switch to instruct Oil to generate code for the Orm package and Oil generate \DB::stuff by default? It is only accessible from a system prompt to which I have no access to on my hosted servers. Show stopper for me. Am I correct? If so are there any plans to have some form of a graphical interface and will it support \DB::stuff in the future? I like the look of the migration facility but have not looked in to Oil in any greater detail because of my understanding / miss-understanding of the currently supported features. I can see the benefits of Oil would like to utilise it as part of my development tool set as it potentially looks very powerful and could be a very useful tool it's just missing those couple of things for me at the moment. Phil.
  • First off, Oil generates code based on templates. You can write any templates you like, meaning DB::stuff instead of the ORM if you so wish. It uses the default folder in fuel/packages/oil/default to make everything so just write a new one and use $ oil g scaffold:whatever will use the whatever directory instead. As for your production server, why the hell would you want to run scaffolding on the live server? Live coding on a live site?! :S Also, why the hell would you want a GUI for this? "oil g scaffold title:string body:message" beats the hell out of click click click type click type click type click click. Oil helps your development and has some support for things like tasks which are just command line controllers. Have a play with it and as always read the docs. It might not be the way you like to do things but who knows, it might change your life.
  • Phil-S, Thanks for the pointers. I didn't mean live servers but shared development servers. That doesn't really mater as working locally it was just so the developers could play with adding packages and keeping the core up to date on the dev servers. No great hassle to do it manually. I will look in to the template stuff - didn't know that existed. Now you've cleared those points up I will look in to it in more depth. Basically it boils down to RTFM! :) Cheers Phil-F.

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