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oil generate scaffolding error
  • ERROR : PKGPATH/oil/views/default/scaffold/views/_form.php on line 6 echo "<?php echo Form::label('". \Inflector::humanize($field ."', '{$field}'); ?>\n";
    FIX : echo "<?php echo Form::label('". \Inflector::humanize($field) ."', '{$field}'); ?>\n";
    ERROR : php oil g scaffold monkey ad:string Creating model: .....
    OK but APPPATH/classes/controller/monkeys.php <?php
    class Controller_Monkey extends Controller_Template {
    FIX :
    class Controller_Monkeys extends Controller_Template {
  • There was a syntax error in the form template, which has been hotfixed last night.
    See If you download v1.0, or checkout/clone the develop branch, you should get the fixed version.

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