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Oil Migrate throws log error
  • When running:
    $ php oil refine migrate

    I receive this error:
    Error: chmod(): Operation not permitted in /home/.../fuel/core/classes/log.php on 113

    Traced it back to this line in /fuel/core/classes/log.php:
    @chmod($filename, 0666);

    Verified that file exists and "oil refine install" works properly. Any thoughts?
  • Hello, are you on your 'own' server?
    Maybe you are under safe_mode on ? Same mode can sometimes cause similar problems.
  • You have to be running Oil as a user that has permissions to write an d edit files. If you run it as root, you will create files as root and your webserver probably won't be able to read them. In this instance you are failing to create files as the folder is not accessable to the user you are running as. I run as me = "phil" on my MacBook, what are you running as?

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