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oil test and phpunit
  • I just tried running oil test and was told I didn't have PHPUnit installed. So I installed PHPUnit, ran the command again and it did a whole bunch-a stuff! Ran 281 tests! "Neat!" I thought. "I wonder what it just did!" :) There's nothing in the oil docs that describes what happens with the test command. I poked around in the PHPUnit docs and my understanding (which may well be misguided) is that one uses PHPUnit to write tests specific to one's own code. So I'm confused by the output from oil test. Does FuelPHP come with a bunch of basic, predefined tests or does PHPUnit have a bunch of built in tests? How can I write my own tests and run them with oil? Basically, any information relating to testing with oil would be greatly appreciated! If my questions are better answered by the PHPUnit docs, please let me know - I could definitely delve into those more thoroughly. Thanks in advance for any help!
  • The tests you see running are the core tests. For your own tests you need to write them in a 'tests' directory insided the app directory. You should read the PHPUnit docs to get a grasp on how to write tests. If you give your own tests their own group you can use --group=[MyGroup] to only run tests against your app code.

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