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Is FuelPHP usable without Oil on production?
  • I use a shared hosting server and they are running PHP5 with cgi-fcgi, so I cannot use Oil commands. I do have a development machine with which I can use Oil. Looking through the documentation on Oil, it seems I could still use FuelPHP to generate code for my web app. The only piece I'm really missing out on is keeping the database structures synchronized, but I'm okay doing this manually (this is my first attempt at using a framework, so I've been writing SQL scripts manually for years). My question is this: Will I be missing out on something essential to the way FuelPHP operates by doing this?
  • Oil isn't required anywhere, so yes, FuelPHP is completely usable. Do you have shell access to your host? If so, you might want to check if the php-cli binary is installed too, and use that to run oil tasks. It's basically all I use oil for in production (migrations and other cron tasks). If there is no possibility (and you don't want to switch to a better hosting company), for migrations, all logic is present in the Migrate class, so you could easily create a normal controller to run your migrations from an admin interface.
  • Hey Harro, thanks for the reply. (quick too!) I do have shell access, but couldn't find a php-cli binary. Doesn't appear I can use pear to install PHPUnit either. Guess I can't expect too much from a $10/month host. That is an excellent idea concerning the admin interface for running migrations. I think I'll do that. And thanks again for the confirmation about using FuelPHP. I'm looking foward to working with it.
  • You're welcome. If you want to know more, pop in at our IRC channel #fuelphp on freenode. There are always 60+ people online that can help answering questions.
  • PaulO wrote on Wednesday 16th of May 2012:
    Hey Harro, thanks for the reply. (quick too!)
    I do have shell access, but couldn't find a php-cli binary.
    Try running "whereis php", and also check /usr/local/bin/php and /opt/. PHP might be hiding somewhere. If they're using PHP via FastCGI, the CLI version is probably around somewhere.
  • I've seen quite a few webhosts that alias 'php' to 'php-cgi', which is the core of the problem here. If you do 'which php' you'll get the path to the php binary. check that path for other available php binaries, starting them with '-v' will probably tell you what it is.
  • I used whereis and which and did find 3 different binaries, but all three were either "cgi" or "cgi-fcgi". It looked like they were completely different versions of php, rather than different binaries of one version. Doesn't look like cli is available.
  • Hmm... Then you're out of luck. Convice your hosting company to do better, or switch hosting companies... :)

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