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Separate Core and App folders
  • Is it possible to setup the system with the remote APPPATH? For example I have the framework files on and the application files on

  • Depends on what you mean by ''.

    Can you be more specific to what you want to achieve?
  • So, I have the first domain on the server, It has Fuel Core folder, and the second domain on another server which I want it to has a Fuel App folder + Assets, is it possible?

    For example something like this:

    1 domain

    2 domain

  • It is not a problem to split core and app, I do it on every server.

    I have a central location, outside docroots, that contains different versions:


    and so on. For the webservers, I only install the app component, so an installation with fuel/core and fuel/packages removed.

    Then, in public/index.php, and in oil, you change the COREPATH and PKGPATH definitions to point to the shared location of your core and package folder. If you use unit tests, you also have to change the paths in the phpunit files.

    Alternatively, you can keep the package path unchanged, but add your central package path as a second path in your app/config/config.php. This will allow you to install application specific packages in your applications fuel/packages folder, and have all shared packages in your shared folder.
  • I meant two different servers. COREPATH and PKGPATH on the first server and APPPATH on the second. You cant access APPPATH folder from the first server locally. Is it possible?

  • No, the webserver's PHP component needs to be able to read the files.

    That is not related to FuelPHP, that's how PHP works.

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