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Read access other user
  • how to read access other user?
    for example
    - user a
      - web.access[read,delete]
    - user b
      - web.access[read,write]

    i want to check access user a before b
    so if user a don't have the access, user b don't have too even the access have been writed on user b's access.
  • I don't understand the question. You only have one user at the time (= per request), so how would you check multiple?
  • i want to check other user access with recently user which i logged in.
  • I still don't understand. You surely only need to check access for the current logged-in user?
  • yeah currently version, just can check current logged-in user, but if want to check other user access, is there any way to check. i don't mind even that doesn't standard,

    can you give me the source code for that?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    You want to check the permission of any given user, not of the current user? You can't, Auth::has_access() works on the current logged-in user.

    If you need that you'll need to extend the ACL driver, copy has_access() to something else, and in the copy replace Auth::get_user() by some other means of retrieving the user you want to check.

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