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before_insert event in Observer_Typing
  • Hi!

    There is no `before_insert` event in `\Orm\Observer_Typing`.
    Is there any reason for it?
    It could be useful here:

    class Model_Property extends \Orm\Model 
    protected static $_properties = array(
    'custom' => array(
    'data_type' => 'serialize',

    protected static $_observers = array(

    public function _event_before_insert()
    $this->custom = \Config::get('', array());

    What is happening now:

    $property = Model_Property::forge(array('name' => 'Name'))

    // launch `before_save` observers:
    // Observer_Self::_event_before_save();
    // $property->custom is still empty here
    // Observer_Typing::_event_before_save();

    // launch `before_insert` observers:
    // Observer_Self::_event_before_insert();
    // $property->custom = array()

    // Catching Database_Exception here because `custom` property is unserialized yet.

    Sure, I can use it that way, but why?

    public function _event_before_save()
    if ($this->is_new())
    $this->custom = \Config::get('', array());
  • The Typing observer is about value type conversions between database format and internal model format, that is not related to weather a write is an insert or an update.

    If you mean observers in general, that event already exists, see
  • Type conversation is what I want to do, but in this case I can't.

    I need to update some model property in `_event_before_insert()` method before save new model. For some reason I can't do it in Controller. 
    And then serialize it by Typing observer. 
    But there are only following events in `\Orm\Observer_Typing` class:

    class Observer_Typing
    public static $events = array(
    'before_save' => 'before',
    'after_save' => 'after',
    'after_load' => 'after',
  • And I'm interested if there is any special reason why `Typing_Observer` doesn't have `before_insert` event?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    The typing observer converts field types, and that is bi-directional. And it is not for initializing values, setting values from other locations, etc.

    It doesn't need a before_insert or a before_update because it needs to do the same in both cases. 

    You want to mis-use it for other purposes, which are not supported.

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