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Using Oil to create more complex tables
  • I understand how oil can create basic tables such as name:varchar[50] age:int etc... However, is there a way to create tables that are more complex, such as in the ORM Creating Models Documentation?
  • Can you be more specific? That page is about models, not about tables...
  • Apologies, that was a bad choice of words. I'll re-phrase: Can oil create models as exampled in the above link just by typing at the command line, so that when I migrate that project it creates a corresponding table? As it stands, I can only create a model, via oil, that contains a basic table structure ie title varchar, content text, id int etc and would then have to type the rest manually. I don't have any problem with this, I just wondered if oil could do it for me?
  • oil can generate models for both Model_Crud and ORM. I thought ORM was the default, but if not, you can add '--orm' on the commandline to tell oil to generate an ORM model.

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