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IIS Server Variables
  • For some reason IIS does not like it when you set FUEL_ENV. If I set to "development," than rewrites do not work and get and ambiguous 404 error when I got to any URI other than the application root. FuelPHP works out of the box with included web.config settings so don't go changing a thing without some serious troubleshooting.
  • Where and how did you set FUEL_ENV?

    There is no reason why IIS rewrites would fail because of an environment variable, and on the Fuel side, it is only used to load a different set of config files.
  • In truth I was confused with server and environment variables.

    As the documentation recommends to set [FuelPHP] Environment with server environment variables. Configuring environment variables on Apache or Nginx is easy; no problem.

    However on Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS), configuring environment for each site is ridiculous. In the end I was only able to configure my local app running on Windows using FuelPHP application bootstrap as recommended in the docs. Anyways, thank you for your help like always.

  • I'll add that IIS link to the docs, in case other people have this problem. Thanks.

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