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How can I renew data in the existing ORM\Model object?
  • Let me have some loaded ORM\Model object, for example, $model = Model_Something:find($id);
    While I was doing some work, data in database changed (I am sure).
    How can I renew data in the existing object $model without reassigning var with command above?

    Do we have something like $model->reload() or $model->renew()?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    No, if the data changes outside of the ORM, the only way to refresh the data is to rerun the query.

    Why is rerunning the query a problem? Are you mis-using the ORM model for other things, as it should only contain the DB data, so a reload can't be a problem?

    p.s. the ORM doesn't return variables, it returns object references to the ORM cache, if you rerun a query, even when using a different variable to store the result, the cache is updated and every variable that references the cache is updated to.

    If you do

    $a = Model_Something::find(1);
    $b = Model_Something::find(1);
    var_dump($a, $b);

    you will see that $a and $b reference the same object.

    The ORM does this to make sure data remains consistent within the application. 

    Likewise, if you would do

    $a->field = "new value";

    you would see the change.
  • Thank you, Harro. Can you tell me how can I get new object (not from cache), when I run the same query?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    The cleanest way, without having to fiddle with the ORM, is to use a normal DB query:

    $a = DB::select()->from('table')->where('id, '=', $id)->as_object('Model_Something')->execute();

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