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There has been a lot of confusion and inconsistency regarding the name of the framework.  It is about time that we settle it once and for all.

I have long had the stance of "It is Fuel, not FuelPHP."  This is what it has really always been.  Confusion came because the website is, the Twitter account is @fuelphp, and the IRC channel is #fuelphp (which happens to be the official Twitter hashtag as well.  I had to use "fuelphp" for all of these because, well, "fuel" was already taken.

The problem is "Fuel" is so generic that it can make it hard to seperate Fuel (the framework) from fuel (the thing that makes your car go).  So, after taking all this into consideration and discussing it with the rest of the development team, we have made a decision.

The official name of the framework is now FuelPHP.


So what does this mean for me?

Well, it will make things easier to find and more consistent by clearing up the confusion.  If you have any tutorials or articles refering to "Fuel", please change them to refer to "FuelPHP".

We will be keeping the GitHub organization name of "fuel" for the time being.  This (among other reason) is to prevent everyone from having to update their bookmarks and breaking links.

We will also still be refering to "fuel" in some parts of the framework.  For instance, the core class of the framework will remain "Fuel" for no other reason than it is shorter and nicer looking.  The core will probably still be called "the fuel core" in general discussions, but that is fine.


But I just downloaded the logo you released!

Have no fear.  As you can see on the site, we have a new logo with the new name.  I have updated the logos that are available for download on the About page.