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Today we've tagged the first releases for FuelPHP 2.0. As of this version we'll release the core-of-the-core framework as the Kernel package and the other libraries that make up the 1.x Core will be in the new Core packages or their own package. The Kernel has now reached a level that is pretty close to a Release Candidate and could be called production ready, but as we've raised the bar for unit testing the current 60% coverage is too little for a RC release.

Released packages

  • - Kernel - 2.0.0-beta1
    This contains the (H)MVC, the Environment, Request-Response and all other essential framework logic. It is ready for real-world usage.
  • - Core - 2.0.0-alpha1
    The Core is as yet a small collection of Kernel extensions and includes the Validation package. This release includes only the small stable part of what it will end up including, which will be most of the libraries from the 1.x Core that didn't get a place in the Kernel - either as part of the Core or as a package of their own which is required by the Core (like Validation).
  • - Oil - 2.0.0-alpha1
    Oil currently only supports Tasks from other Applications, it has none yet of its own. It is stable but has been tagged alpha because of its limited functionality.
  • - DiC - 1.0.0-beta1
    The Dependency Injection Container that is required by the Kernel, it is just as stable as that package.
  • - Validation - 1.0.0-beta1
    A new framework independent Validation library we created for FuelPHP 2.0. It does not depend upon the framework but is tied to its configuration by an extension on its base class within the Core package.

This is a taste of what has been finished for the next iteration of FuelPHP. It is as yet very limited and lacks many of the higher level functionality from the 1.x Core. There is also no official documentation yet and the Legacy & Static packages remain unversioned until the framework as a whole gets more complete.

Getting started with 2.0

As FuelPHP 2.0 is based upon Composer for installation, package management and part of the filestructure we suggest reading up a bit on their website first:

While for 1.x we did consider the fuel/fuel repo to be part of the core, for 2.0 there is a fuelphp/fuelphp repo but it is not considered to be 'core-code'. The repo has been setup to be a quick start that just works and allows you to clone and install through Composer.

Though there is not yet any official documentation, but we have been writing on 2.0:

Note on versioning

As you may have noticed both DiC and Validation are tagged as 1.0.0 versions. This is because both are completely new packages and will be versioned on their own merits, independently of the framework. The Kernel, Core and Oil packages are direct decendents of 1.x and as such have been versioned 2.0.0. We'll probably keep the versioning of both Kernel & Core in sync for clarity, but the same will not necessarily be true for Oil. This will not be much of a concern for those using the whole framework as any releases of Kernel/Core will require the correct versions of their required-packages and have them installed through Composer.