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v1.5 contains a lot of improvements and bugfixes, and also introduces quite a bit of new functionality. Be sure to checkout the v1.5 Changelog, as it also lists all items deprecated in v1.4, which are now removed.

Pay attention to the following:
  • The "Undefined constant MYSQL_ATTR_COMPRESS" issue that pops up under certain conditions has been fixed.
  • It has been reported that under certain circumstances there might be issues with serialized data stored in the Auth user table, field "profile_fields", and the "payload" field in the sessions table. It is strongly advised to define those columns as "blob" to avoid these issues.
  • A new Log package has been introduced in preparation for the transition to 2.0, which replaces the Log class.

Backward compability notes:

  • Uri::to_assoc() no longer throws an exception with uneven segments, but returns null as value of the last segment
  • ORM Model::find() no longer accepts null as only parameter. If you want to use that, you are now REQUIRED to also pass the options array (or an empty array).
  • Sessions have been refactored, all validation and validation data has been moved server side. Because of this, pre-1.5 sessions are not longer compatible.
  • The Log class has been removed and replaced by the log package. If you have extended the Log class in your application, you will have to extend \Log\Log instead, and check the compatibility of your changes. If they are about logging to other locations, you might want to look into the Monolog stream handlers instead.

If you find any bugs, as always, please file an issue on GitHub (make sure you search to make sure it hasn't already been submitted).

Download It Now

Note that Github has cancelled it's support for file downloads per December 11th 2012. From now on you can find the ready-to-use zip files on this page.

Remember, whether sending pull requests for bugfixes on the 1.5 release or sending in new features, send them against the 1.6/develop repository. If a bugfix warants a 1.5 hotfix release, we will backport the pull request and release the hotfix. Pull requests against the wrong repository will be asked to be resubmitted against the correct branch. If you're in doubt on which branch your pull-request should be, hop on IRC (#fuelphp on freenode) and ask, that will save us all some time.

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